Web Application Development with PHP 4.0

- Contains official Zend API documentation
Web Application Development with PHP 4.0
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Web Application Development With PHP 4.0 isn't your typical run-of-the-mill language tutorial. Authors Ratschiller and Gerken purposely designed its content to appeal to coders already proficient in PHP but in need of advanced programming techniques and high-level application development skills. Assuming a strong programming foundation, this book can be considered a next-level PHP tutorial. Drawing on their own experience of what's really important in PHP development, the authors dive into topics such as linked lists and associative arrays. They also weave topics like security and database access with software development issues such as three-tier architecture, versioning and program requirements. This balance makes for a nice fit for developers who have mastered the basics but are looking to hone their skills to move to the next level. The book also goes into how to extend PHP by modifying its Zend language engine via the C source code. A companion CD-ROM includes PHP, MySQL, and Apache, as well as a number of utilities and the source code from the book. If you are already deep into PHP and want to graduate to guru status, this book's for you.

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Autor: Tobias Ratschiller/Toill Gerken
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