BRU Tape Tools für Mac OS/X (für Systeme, wo BRU Server oder LE installiert ist)

Erste Hilfe für selbstgebastelte Mac-Backups
BRU Tape Tools für Mac OS/X (für Systeme, wo BRU Server oder LE installiert ist)
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Mit den Tolis Tape Tools können vorhandene Bandarchive im tar-, cpio- oder pax-Format auf Mac OS/X-Systeme importiert werden, unabhängig davon unter welchem Betriebssystem das Archiv ursprünglich erstellt wurde. Die zusätzlichen Tape-Utilities von BRU erlauben vollen raw-Zugriff auf das Tape, sowohl lesend als auch schreibend.

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Betriebssystem: Mac OS/X
CPU-Architektur: PPC, x86
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TOLIS Tape Tools is a set of data migration utilities that enable the transfer of the contents of any tar, cpio, or pax-formatted tapes onto a Mac OS X system, regardless of platform where the tapes were originally written (i.e. Linux, Solaris, etc). Mac OS X users are now able to accomplish the full transfer of tape-archived data into their Mac OS X environments. In addition, TOLIS Tape Tools has been tested and is fully compatible on both Intel and PowerPC Apple machines.

Comprised of TOLIS' tapectl, libctl, taperead, tapewrite and tapecopy utilities, TOLIS Tape Tools provides complete support of all tape technologies and tape formats as well as control of tape drive or tape library operation under Mac OS X. TOLIS Tape Tools support all tape library configurations, regardless of the number of tape drives or tape slots.

TOLIS Tape Tools reads the raw data from the tapes flawlessly. By using the tar, cpio, or pax utilities embedded in Mac OS X, the archived data can be accurately restored onto a Mac OS X system.

TOLIS Tape Tools utilities are operated from the command line, are fully scriptable, and also support the writing of raw tar, cpio, and pax data streams to tape under OS X. The tapecopy utility enables the duplication of tapes under Mac OSX.

Following the migration of data to Mac OS X systems, use the BRU solutions for Mac OS X to provide ongoing data protection. TOLIS Tape Tools work simply, and simply work. There is no available demo.